Vodkapolis 500 is a free card game that's 3 dimensional. It's Rummy 500 that's a three variable game. This game uses a special Triple Topper deck. Click here or scroll down to read more info or click on a link below.



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Rules to Vodkapolis 500 Fully Wild

Updated August 18, 2016

For 2 to 6 players.

Object: to get rid of your card by making melds.

Other equipment needed: Play money of different colors from any other game. The values of the play money don’t matter, as there is not advantage to having a higher or lower value. Everyone gets 1 stack of one value. The purpose of the money is to indicate who initially laid each meld originally on an opponent.

Meld definition in this game: A meld in Vodkapolis 500 Fully Wild, is usually 3 cards in which 2 variables that match in all 3 cards, like 3 blue hearts, for example.

A BONUS MELD is match all 3 variables in all 3 or more cards in one meld. This is only possible due to wilds.

1. The dealer deals 7 cards to everyone. After dealing all cards, turn the top card in the remainder, and put it face-up in a discard pile. Put the rest of the cards face down in a draw pile. Play starts to the left of the dealer.

2. On one's turn a person may either pull the top card from the draw pile or any card in the discard pile.

2a. If the card was from the draw pile, the player can now lay down any meld in his hand in front of any opponent, and place a play dollar bill, with each person having one stack of one color to indicate who laid the card, or continue a meld laid down by himself or an opponent. After any lay-downs, a person must put any one unwanted card to the end of the chain of discarded cards.

2b. If the card is any card from the discard chain, he must take all cards from the desired card to the end of the chain, (card most recently laid down) and must use the desired card in a new meld or a continuation of an old meld that must be laid down now. Other cards picked up can be use in either new or old melds according to the definition of a legal meld, or be kept in the hand. After that, one unwanted card must be laid down to the end of the chain.

3. Black, Blob, and Question mark are wild cards respectively for color, suit, and number.

4. Special cards are worth an extra 5 points per element per card and are 4, blue, and square.

5. When one person discards his last card on the discard chain, he avoids counting the cards in front of him and gets a score of 0. A person must finish the turn by discarding. All other players must pay the penalty of 5 points per card not melded, plus another 5 for each unmelded wild and special card. individual variable. Plus 5 points per card in front of them played against them in melds, and 5 points for each natural special element. If there is a triple match, that person scores 10 points for every card in the triple match assuming that meld is exclusively a triple match. If you're holding cards which could be put in any new or existing meld, but is in your hand, they count as penalty cards, not score cards, because they were not laid.

4. You cannot lay a second meld on one person until every opponent has one meld laid by you. You can be strategic about which person you haven’t played to yet you want to lay down on, depending on who you want to attack first or injure point-wise big time. At the end of each hand, take back all your play money, and the restriction resets, allowing you to play your first meld against anyone.

5. When one person gets a score of 500, that person is eliminated. Depending on whether you want the quick losers to wait or re-include them in a new game, you can either give the lowest score at his point the title of game winner, or can play with the remaining people, eliminating all but 1 as they each reach 500, and the remaining player is the winner.

6. In case the draw pile runs out before someone goes out, then everyone counts their held cards and meld cards as penalties.

7. If someone else lays a triple match that you wish to play off, whether it’s on you or not, you must play a legal bonus match to make a legal play. You cant turn it into a standard play. In any case, if you laid the match, you can break the bonus rule, but that person doesn’t have bonus points any more.

8. If 5 cards are in a meld, you cannot add any more cards to the meld.