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Rules to Bruise Rat, updated October 21, 2015

Updated August 18, 2016

Bruise Rat

Named for Black and Blue being one of ways to get the best starting combination for colors, Black and Blue. Hence Bruise, combined with the word the last syllable of Baccarat

1. Everyone gets one face down card, and one face up card. The face up card is to the left of the face down card.

2. The object is to get as high as number in all 3 ways (number, color, and suit) with a maximum being 4. If the number gets to 5, it resets to 0 and starts over. Same with the number 10. A sum of 7 = 2 for example. Use standard Poke’m values.

3. Count each variable individually. The first upcard and the down card are counted towards all 3 variables.

4. Everyone in turn can either hit or stand, one at a time, in turn. If they choose hit, they get a card, and the player then must put it in either front of the down card (above it from a top-down perspective) if they want it to count towards color, to the down card’s right if they want it to count towards number, and in front of the down card (below from a top-down perspective) if the want it to count towards suit.

5. After everyone hit or stood, another round is played among those who hit last time. They may, in turn, choose to hit again. However, each variable can have only one card. Once you place a card in number in this hand for example, you can’t place another card in the number column for that hand.

6. After the second round, everyone who hit on the second round has the option to hit or stand on the third round in turn. Anyone who hits on the this round must put it on the variable not selected before.

7. Whoever has the highest sum of the 3 variables is the winner. The maximum possible score is 12. In case of a tie, fewest drawn cards wins that hand.