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Rules to Guess My Card, updated October 20, 2015

Players: 2 to 8

Deck : Full deck no Jokers

Object: Guess the number, color, and suit of the face down card of your opponents.

Set up:

1. Select a dealer and give one card face down to each player

2. Each person secretly checks his/her down card. If it contains one or more of the following: a black, a blob, and/or a question mark, turn it up and get dealt a face down card, and keep turning up cards until a card is a "natural card", meaning no black, no blob, and no question mark is the face down card.

3. As soon as all players have one face-down natural card, the dealer deals out (separated from the sequestered face down card and any face up cards) 4 face down cards to each player.

4. The players place in the center trash pile, any unwanted cards, face up, until their combined down cards and up cards are totaling 4. So if you have one face up wild card, you can either get rid of it, or one of your face down cards.


1. The first person to the left of the dealer shows a card face up card, declares any of the wilds to be a variable within that category (black can be any other color, blob can be any other suit, and question mark can be any other number,) and asks any other person how many of those variable are correctly describing their isolated face down card, (not any in their hand).

2. The person being asked names the NUMBER OF VARIABLES, but not which type match. Example if the guesser asks about a red circle one, and the person being asked has a green circle three, the person being asked says "one", because the circle in the guess matches the circle in the face down card, but none of the other 2 variables match.

3. If the person says thereʼs all 3 variables matching, the person being asked turns up the card, and the guesser wins points according to the scoring chart below.

4. The card is placed face up. And the turn passes to the next player to the left.

5. If, on their turn, they are sure enough where theyʼre wiling to lose points if wrong, may instead of showing a card, declare that they will make the "official" guess, as to what all 3 variables are. Guesses made with playing cards are "preliminary guesses" If right, the person who owns the card turns it face up, otherwise that person shows just the guesser to confirm the wrong guess.

6. If you successfully guess one card, continue play on your next turn and try to guess another card for more points. If one of your official guesses are wrong, you can no longer guess THAT personʼs card for the rest of the hand.

7. As soon as all face down cards are guessed, the deck is reshuffled, if you desire a longer game, and dealership is passed to the left. If only one person can still claim points, he gets those points.

8. Scoring:

8a. Two players: If the first official guesser is correct, or a person gets all 3 variables on their preliminary guess, they get 1 point. If your opponent guesses officially first, and is wrong in any way, you get 1 point.

8b. three or more players: Guessing First Card in the series is worth one point for each player (4 points for a 4 player game, 6 points for a 6-player game, etc.), and each future card in the same deal is worth 1 point less. Wrong official guesses are worth negative the value of the official guess if correct. (In a 4-player game, If itʼs the second card guessed, the first guess of a different card was right, and this second guess is wrong, the wrong guess is worth -3 points, because a successful game is worth +3)