Triple Topper is a set of free 3D card games which are 3 dimensional. You can play games similar to Crazy Eights, Memory a.k.a. Concentration, Spite and Malice, Speed a.k.a. Spit, Poker, Rummy 500, Blackjack, Cassino, and Euchre, except they are 3 dimensional, as well as original games called Six Suit and Tricky Dick. Because it's a set of free (when played online) card games, I'm offering an online advertising opportunity for marketing your product on my site. Also you can play three free card games online with Java. If you know this info, scroll down to read the news, or click on a link just below this text. To read about my deck or for a table of contents of games that can be played with this deck, click here.


Welcome, to Triple Topper!

Triple Topper Craziness in Flash:

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Well, It's Official. Triple Topper Craziness is up and running. I was told by a flashcaster who recently took off my game, who when I asked him for a 90% likely conservative estimate of money this game would make on their site, and they said $1000/month, and made that 90%-likely promise based on the Old Java version of my game, he said if I did two things. The only 2 things I had to do was, 1) Make it in Flash and not in Java. Check. and 2) Make the graphics slightly more appealing. He said it didn't have to be the gaming equivalent of War and Peace with complex 3D graphics, realistic physical card models that weighed so many milligrams a card, or anything like that. It just had to look like a reasonably good-looking game, and an easy-to-decipher game in terms of the player following what's going on.

Probably the most people who want the Triple Topper concept visit my website, instead of general interest gfaming website. So I am working with Play Wire Media to let THEM serve the ads to make money for me and give you the game. Hopefully it will do better on my website.

There are also smaller companies, some of which act as distributors for those (now down to) 2, and 1 other contacted me independently. I'll mention one that has a 60 percent rating of people like to play rating on, And that's pretty good considering some old time gamer would automatically vote no because it's not a traditional card game, kind of like my 2 grandmas, (may they rest in peace). I would prefer you find those locations by searching Google and typing in "Triple Topper Craziness Flash" in the searchbox. If you're a flashcaster and want to syndicate this game, either look up any of these previous comapnies if you want to carry them without worrying about an ad-sales force, or if you think you can get a bigger percentage by dealing with me directly, email me on my contact page and we'll negotiate. Terms are negotible, like exclusivity, percentage, free vs. pay, etc. I'll send my .swf to anyone who makes an agreement with me. Send such an email stating what terms you agree to.

One note about being a Flashcaster, if you are not working with the big guys, and maybe even if you are, I will have to know what main URL you will be Flashcasting this game from. This is for 2 reasons. 1, My server only makes contacts with URLs I specifically green light, and 2, this could be a source of revenue for you. Visit to find out more regarding casino bonus codes

Also I am in talks with a few console indie game makers. I'm hoping they can make it work for consoles. I'm seeing if I can offer the game for free paid for by advertisers and I'm trying to convince them that the card game franchise might work as a free paid-for-by-advertisers game, and they convince the system makers that. I hopefully can convince them to team with Kongregate, or that one company that promised $1000/month/game. Maybe with a graphical overhaul and Xbox Live/PSN achievements, [Trust me, My buddy Jamal challenged other Countdown321 members to achievement leagues, where they play "classic" games (like Hanna Montana: The Movie,) just to boost their gamer scores.] So if you want to have a free game which will have a few easy achievements, and a couple hard ones, plus 25+ different games multiplied by at least 2 decks, then contact me. If these system makers agree, and someone agrees, and they can work easily with the game code but modify the graphics, and offer Triple Topper and achievements for free. If you want to do this, email me for more info. It is so pleasant to work with experts. Read the info to find out more regarding best cpa service in miami.