Welcome, to Triple Topper!

Updated August 18, 2016

Antarctic Solitaire:

1. Each person is dealt unseen by anyone, 10 cards face down for no one to see. This is the Payoff pile. Then deal one card in the center. This is the target pile.

2. Everyone flips over the top card in the pile.

3. Ways to play cards: You build down in number, matching color or suit. The question mark is considered both below the one and above the 4 so the number recycle: 3,2,1,?,4,3...

4. If at anytime the number decreases and BOTH the color AND suit match there is a bonus for the person who matches it. 1 card for 2 cards in sequence, add another 2 for the third, 3 for the 4th, etc. Maximum without Jokers is 5 in a row, with is 7. Note it is possible for it to go to 2 or more different people during the same sequence. Discarded cards are put to the side in a discard pile. For the purposes of this game, this is called a Triple Topper.

5. For the purposes of this game, Black is the wild color and Blob is the wild shape> If the first card on the pile is a black or blob, it is declared by the dealer.

6. On your turn, (which passes clockwise), bring your hand to 7 cards. Note that in the first round, it means drawing 7 cards.

7. Play your cards in your hand or your top of the pile card to the center. If you get rid of a center card, assuming the next one is face down, turn it up.

8. After you exhausted all of your plays to the center, you can play to an opponent’s payoff pile. To play to an opponent’s pile, you must go up or down in number and match either color, suit or both. You do not get a Triple Topper bonus for matching to an opponent’s pile, just to the center.

9. Here is the order of priorities. The highest priority play must be made first:

9a. From your payoff pile to the center pile.

9b. From you hand to the center pile.

9c. From your payoff pile to an opponent’s payoff pile.

9d. From your hand to your opponent’s payoff pile.

As soon as a play is made, the chart is re-evaluated from the top of the chart.

7. The penalty for violating that order is 3 cards in the payoff pile added from each incident (one incident per turn), plus the wronged person can immediately play it to the center. Plus the violator ends his turn with a discard his own payoff pile. Any Card will do. The call is brought up by one other player. If he’s right, he gives the player 3 cards from the bottom of his playoff pile. If is claim isn’t proven true the accused owes the accuser one card from the bottom of the accuser’s payoff pile to the accused’s.

8. After all moves are exhausted, you must put one card from your hand on top of YOUR payoff pile.

9. If you manage to discard all 7 cards in your hand without putting one to your payoff pile, draw 7 new cards from the center pile and play if you can, otherwise discard to your payoff pile.

10. During a Triple Topper discarded cards can be discarded any time during the turn, so if a more opportune play occurs, it’s wise to take it, then discard. Discards can be from the payoff pile (recommended most times) or from your hand (recommended only when you’re trying to draw again on the same turn.)

11. Scoring: Winner scores 0, everyone else gets 10 points plus counts their payoff pile cards, and gets the numeric face value (with question mark being 5) points plus 5 points for each black and blob . Game is to 100 which is the elimination point. Either end after one elimination, and lowest score at that point wins, or keep eliminating people, with the last one standing is the winner.