Caffiene is a free card game that's 3 dimensional. It's Speed or Spit that's a three variable game. Triple Topper Caffeine. SCROLL DOWN to read rules or click on a link below.


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Rules to Caffiene

Updated August 18, 2016

For 2 players

Set up:

1. Use the 64-card Squares deck (with or without the two jokers). No blacks, No Blobs, No Question Marks.

2. The dealer shuffles the deck, and then puts 7 cards face down in a pile in between the players on his left, then one card face down to the right of it,then another, then 7 in a stack on the right. The 4 piles should be symmetric and equidistant between the two players.

3. The remainder is divided into 2 equally numbered piles (24 cards without the joker, 25 with) The non dealer, sight unseen picks one of the two piles.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE RULES: From this point on, all of the game play elements happen in real time. In other words, THERE IS NO TAKING TURNS!!! GO AS FAST AS YOU CAN GO!!! THE FASTER THE BETTER!!!


1. At the beginning of the game draw 5 cards from your pile. Since this is the beginning of the game, you may organize them.

2. When both of you say "Go", turn over the two cards in the center.

3. The object of the game is to get rid of your cards in your hand and in the pile, and the way you do that is by matching two of the three variables with one of the two cards in the center.

4. Occasionally both players will try to place a card on top of the same center card. Whichever one is underneath the other will count first. If, by coincidence, the top card matches the middle card (the one that was first legally played) in two variables, that card is also legal EXCEPT when the middle card was the last card of the faster player, in which case the game ended a split second before and the last card doesn't count. If it was NOT A MATCH, the play must be retracted with no penalty.

5. At any time when you have less than 5 cards in your hand, you may (and usually should) bring your hand up to any number of cards UP TO FIVE. (Example of when you want to draw less than 5: if you have 3 unplayable cards, and either you draw a card you can play, or your opponents plays in such a way that you can play one your cards, you DO NOT HAVE TO draw the cards which would total your hand to 5 cards. You MAY (and most of the time SHOULD) play one of the cards to the center.

6. If you have 5 cards and still cannot (or choose not to) play. you have to wait for your opponent to play a card that you can play on top of.

7. If both people have 5 cards and no play, both people organizes their cards if they wish, declare they can't play, and then(on the word "Go") take the top card on their right side pile, turn it over, and put it on top of their right center pile.

8. If you have no more cards in your draw pile, that's good. That means all you have to play is the cards in your hand to win.

9. If both players have no plays, with no cards on the side pile, Both people count their non-joker cards. The one with fewer non-joker cards is the winner. The margin of victory is the difference between the cards. In case of a tie, it is called a draw game.

10. When one person discards his last card, he/she wins the game.

10 a. If there is a close race to the same pile at the end, then follow rule 4 to determine the first card. If the eventual winner lays first, the other card is not considered played and counts against him/her, even if it could match. If the non-one-away-from-winning person places first, the one-away person may win if it coincidentally matches,(but that last card doesn't count against him/her) or must wait or play elsewhere if it doesn't. If both are one away, the first one wins by one card.

10 b. If there is a close race to different piles, if there is a noticeably early one, it counts first, and ends the game if it was the end for that player. If there was no noticeable first card, both are considered legal. If one person goes out in such a case, the last card laid by the other person doesn't count against him. If both people lay their last card at the same time on different piles, it's a draw game.

11 Joker Rules:

11 a. If a joker appears in you hand, you must hold on to it until the end. If you go out first, fan the joker(s) next to your last card to show your hand is empty. If you lose or the game ends in a counting decision, the joker does not count against you. It does count as one of your five cards in your hand.

11 b. If a joker appears in the center, it cannot be played on until no one with a full hand can play on the other. If two jokers appear at the same time,turn over the next cards (or count if it's the end)

12. All cards must be played to the center and pulled from your pile one at a time. No fans or stacks of cards allowed. Also do not block your opponent's access to the cards, and try to stay equidistant to the piles. In other words, don't hover around the piles.