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Rules to President Arnold, updated October 20, 2015

Updated August 18, 2016

President Arnold

The name President Arnold refers to something than can not happen by law, like Pope Joan. (if you believe the Catholic Church)

Object: To discard your cards and discard certain cards.

Number of Players, types of decks, cards to remove, and which card is the President Arnold: With 4 or more people, use a full deck. With 2 people, use a squares deck. 3 people can use either. If playing with a full deck, remove the following cards: Blue Square 3, Blue Triangle 4, and Green Square 4. In this game card called the President Arnold is the Blue Square 4. If playing with a Squares deck, the 3 removed cards are the Green Triangle 2, Green Heart 3, and Yellow Triangle 3, and in this game, the Green Triangle 3 is the President Arnold.

Other equipment needed: about 50 poker chips (use different colors, make the more common one one’s and the less common one five’s ) per person and this piece of paper for each player showing the 8 jackpots. (On the next page is a picture you can reproduce containing the 8 Jackpot areas, but remember, only reproduce it for personal use. I own the copyright on the image.)

Determine how many hands you want to play beforehand.

1. Deal as many even piles you can as there are players + an extra pile for the widow. Any extra cards that won’t evenly distribute among the players will go in a widow pile. At the beginning of the turn everyone places the number of chips indicated on the 8 squares on the betting table. 1 on game and single money cards (the other ones with "(1)" printed) , 2 on marriages, and 4 on President Arnold. Turn the top card face up from the widow’s pile.

2. A legal play is the same variable values in 2 dimensions, and the third value ascending by one So a Yellow Heart 2 can be followed by a Yellow Heart 3, a Green Heart 2 , or a Yellow Triangle 2.

3. First, stating with the dealer’s left and asking around clockwise if the answer is "no", Ask if they have a Red Circle 1. The lowest combined card, has a combines Arnold Value of 3, a combined sum of the 3 Poke'm Rank values, and is the number next to the plus at the bottom left of the card. In this example, 1 for the low ranked number of 1, 1 for the low ranked color of red, and 1 for the low ranked suit of a circle. All numbers colors and suits uses the Poke’m values:

If no one has a Red Circle 1, then starting with the player to the left of the dealer, ask for a card that can be legally played to a Red Circle 1, hence any card with a Arnold value of 4. If no one has a 4, ask for a 5, etc.

4. As soon as a person lays a legal card, (s)he may lay any series of cards that are legal moves under rule 2.

5, As soon as one player has no more legal moves, then any player, starting to his/her left in turn, can place the next card in sequence.

6. If no one plays a card, the player who last played the card may play any card, as long as it A) has the lowest Arnold value among those in his hand, either solely, or shared with another card in the hand, and B) changes at least 2 of the variables of the last laid card. If a player has no such card, the next player starting to the left can lay a card that follows those 2 above requirements. If no one can, it’s a draw.

7, Remember the card you turned up at the beginning? It determines the 3 money cards. If none of the 3 variables are valued at the highest, then they are the 3 cards with 2 variables the same and the third variable ranked high. Like, if a green circle 2 is turned up, the 3 money cards are the green circle ? (or 4, if using a squares deck), the green blob (or square) 2, and the black (or blue) circle 2. If one or more of the money cards is the same as the center card itself then the dealer claims the card(s) and any marriages made off of it like he played the card manually. Example: a red heart ? gets credit for the 4/? jackpot, because a red heart advanced to the ? is already played. Any other money cards the dealer makes gives him marriages too. Also Black blob 4 gives the dealer, Black, Blob, and the marriage between black and blob. And a black blob ? gives the dealer everything except the President Arnold and the Game.

8. Like 7 referred to earlier, if you get 2 money cards in the same game, you get the marriage of those 2. Use the arrows in the chart, or mix primary light colors to get a secondary light color. Get all 3, you have an alien marriage. (Note it’s not a pre-statehood Utah Marriage, which is a bigamous one. The 2 wives of the husband aren’t married to each other. It is possible an alien can come in 3 genders, so the 3 aliens can do the married things in a 3-some. This is just to illustrate you get all 3 marriages in that case too because each alien is married to the other 2.

9. Playing the President Arnold gives you the President Arnold square. But remember, it’s the hardest card to play. This because all 3 direct paths to the President Arnold is taken out of the deck beforehand and never included.

10. To claim the chips on the money squares and the President Arnold, you must lay it down legally in play. As soon as you do, keep it on your side to show proof for marriages. Also for a marriage to be taken, both parts of the marriage have to played legally. You win 1 chip from each opponent form their corresponding square for each chip you have on yours.

11. As soon as someone goes out, he wins the game pot, and 1 chip from each opponent for each card the opponent is stuck with. (You have 4 cards when someone goes out, you owe 4 chips) If it’s a draw, no one collects the game pot and no other chips are exchanged. But any money cards, marriages and President Arnolds may be claimed.

12. If a square is empty, you must contribute to continue playing. But if it’s full it’s up to player agreement whether to add to already existing pots oir just renew pots, but limit 1 per hand for money cards, 2 for marriages, and 4 for the President Arnold, and if one contributes, all contribute. At the end, all unwon pots are split evenly.

Here is your President Arnold Board, you are free to print and use, just don’t claim it’s yours.