This is Poker in the 3rd Dimension. Triple Topper is a 3 dimensional (3 variable) card game. Pokem is 3D poker. It's a free card game. Play something similar to Texas Hold Em, Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud, or other Poker variations you fancy. Click here or scroll down to read more info or click on a link below. Note a third rule change plus rules for low and hi/lo games are included below. Updated August 24, 2007

Also there is a new simplified version, and a couple notes for regular card players, and an important executive decision, in regards to 4 of a kind being rarer than one of each. Please read the plus-sized text. Pokem rules updated February 26, 2011



Welcome, to Triple Topper!

Rules to Pokem Variants, updated October 17 2015

Interesting variants

Midnight Basketball

1. Deal 10 cards if with wilds, or 15 cards if with no wilds face down to everyone

2. Everyone stacks their cards, not looking at them.

3. Everyone reveals their first one or more cards, using the smallest number needed until one person has a definitive lead. The best hand is in control, and can make a raise. At this point everyone calls or folds. Only the person in control can raise.

4. The player to the left of the person in control flips a card. If his best hand beats the one in control, he now is in control and can raise. If he doesn't beat the leader, he flips another card, until he is in control or he runs out of cards and still doesn't gain control. in which case he will lose. The next person starts flipping according to the same rule.

5. Options include paying for wilds (5x ante) , making certain non-wild cards, like, for example, any card with two or more of the following: Red, Circle, and one, have a person draw an extra card and put it on the bottom of pile, and paying for those cards too.(5x ante) They are considered in a community pot, and is won by the winner, if a person covers, either in bets or reserves, as many chips as community chips. Remaining community chips are won by second place, assuming that person can cover the rest.


1. Everyone gets 5 face down cards and wagers as normal on them.

2. After the first wager 2 cards are drawn face up. These are community cards. The object is to make the highest high and the lowest low you can, but there is one restriction: either the high hand or low hand cannot use any community cards, and must be exactly the 5 cards in your hand when this game is done, but you can later discard and draw up to 3.

3. Then after the community cards are drawn, bet again the normal way.

4. Then everyone still in, in turn, discards anywhere from 0 to 3 cards first and gets as many replacements.

5. One final round of betting and a showdown occur.

6. Special Showdown rule: Unlike Omaha Hi/LO you don't need to be below a certain combination to win for low. However if the high winner is different than the low winner, the high winner plays as the dead man. 5 cards are given face up. He chooses up to 3 cards to discard and draws replacements. If any combination of 5 cards using the community and the dead man'€™s hand (not including discarded cards) beats the low for the low jackpot, the high gets the whole pot.

Poke'm Rum


Each person antes one unit (point, chip, dollar, etc.) and gets dealt 5 cards. In order from the left of the dealer to the dealer, each person picks up the top card card from the center, the top card of either the stockpile or discard pile, and then discards one card. When satisfied, at the beginning of a turn, a player knocks, and everyone else gets one turn. If the knocker has the best Poke'm Hand, the knocker wins the pot plus one unit from everyone else. If one or more people tie or beat the knocker, the knocker owes everyone who beat or tied him/her one unit, and the highest hand overall takes the pot. In case of tie between non knockers, they split the pot.

A way I used to suggest, but shy a little from now is called 5-card Reverse Draw plus Stud.

1. Ten cards are dealt.

2. Bets are placed.

3. For a taste of stud poker, your opponent on the rightreveal five of your cards face-up to everyone. Everyone else will do thesame.

4. Each player in turn will discard anywhere form zero to five cards. Whatever amount of cards was discarded will be drawn from the draw pile. Those discarded that were face down will be be dealt anew face down. Those cards that were face up shall be dealt anew face up.

5. Each player keeps the best five-card-hand and discards the five unused cards. Keeping ail hidden cards hidden and shown cards shown.

6. Bet on the hands.

7. Reveal every card you use except one, this time yourchoice.

8. Bet on the hands again.

9. Reveal final cards. Compare the hands of those who didn't fold. Winner takes the pot. OMAHA HIGH LOW WITH NON-SWINGING WIlDS AND WILD RESONSIBILITY:

Like Omaha except:

1. Suits and numbers only count if 5 of a kind or to break straight ties. No Flashes or perfects involving ones-of-each