Play a free card game of a new trick taking game which is 3 dimensional. It's called Tricky Dick. It's a unique trick taking game, where you sometimes want to win certain cards and not win others. Triple Topper. Click here or scroll down to read more info or click on a link below.


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Rules to Tricky Dick

Object: This is the first game that can be played cooperatively, 2-on-2, or competitively. If played cooperatively, the object is to get the highest group score. If played 2-on-2, the team with the higher score wins. If played competitively, the object is to get the highest score among the players.

Players: 4 players, all either working individually, in teams of 2, or as one team.

Set up: Use the Squares deck, using no blacks, blobs, and question marks, and no jokers. There should be 64 cards.

1. Deal out 16 cards to each of 4 players.

2. The first trick is determined by the deal dealing face up the last (16th) card of each person. It is treated like a voluntary play.

3. Winning the tricks.

3a. The trick is won by the highest number.

3b. If tied, member of the plurality color wins As between a 2-2 tie or a 4 way tie, the highest color wins, with red, yellow, green, and blue, being 1,2,3, and 4 respectively.

3c. if still tied, then the suit are Square, Triangle, Heart, and Circle, from highest to lowest.

4. Scoring: White chips are positive scoring chips, colored are negative. You can only hold one color, so negative scoring while you hold white chip means returning to the bank white chips, and scoring positively while holding colored chips means turning in colored chips to the bank. For every CIRCLE won, score + 1 chip. For every SQUARE won, score -1 chip. The people who score for the trick are the trick winner, and anyone else who laid the same color as the winner. This is true whether they are teammates or opponents.

5. The winner of the previous trick leads the next card. You can play any card, buy remember, you must either match YOUR previous lay on the last trick in one variable, or it's considered -1 point for each instance. The lay is still legal. Also there is no requirement to match if possible in your hand, however the penalty applies always, even if you had no other play, so manage your cards well. Other people follow with any other card, but must match one variable to avoid the penalty. When the fourth player in turn lays, use the rules above to determine a winner. Keep following rule 5 until all players run out of cards.

6. If playing multiple games, rotate deal to the left. This starts a new hand.

7. In a cooperative game, the score is the total score of all 4 players,divided by the number of hands played for a team average. If competitive (2-on-2 or individual), the most after a fixed number of hands wins.