Memo Match is a free card game that's 3 dimensional. It's Memory or Concentration that's a three variable game. This is Triple Topper.Click here or scroll down to read more info or click on a link below.


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Rules to Memo Match

Updated August 18, 2016

Object: Get the most cards by finding matches.

Set Up:

1. Use the standard 125 card deck. No jokers or chits.

2. Mix the cards and spread them face down on a convenient surface, preferably on a table, but a floor works well too, in a 12*10 matrix with an extra row of 5, making sure none of the cards touch each other.

3. Randomly determine the order.


1. Whose ever turn it is turns over a card, then turns over another card. Whether everyone sees it, or whether only that one player sees it at that time, is up to you, but agree on it beforehand.

2. If they match in two (or more, see below) variables, the player takes them both. If not, the cards are put back. For an easier game, keep them in the same place, or to make it harder, switch their positions.

3. For a quicker game, blacks are the wild color, blobs are the wild shape, and question marks are the wild number. In this case, it matches whatever it's paired up with, but can only be taken if there is a natural match or a wild in a different variable type. For a slower game, they are considered separate match possibilities. (black must match with a black)

4. If, when playing with wilds, all 3 variables match, the player takes both those cards as well as 3 additional cards from the table automatically.

5. If you make a match, you take another turn.

6. When there are a few cards left, it is possible that there are no matches left.

6a. If you believe that is the case, declare it so ON YOUR TURN. Then turn up all of the cards face up for the others to examine. The first player, OTHER THAN the one who declared no matches, who finds a match declares it and shows it.

6b. If a player who says they found a match in this situation can't show a match 5 seconds after the declaration, that person is eliminated from the phase of the game where they can spot a match.

6c If someone does show a match, the person who declared no matches is out of the game, and the game continues as the cards get reshuffled. and relayed face down, and the match declared taken in by the finder.

6d. If no one finds a match within a minute, whoever declared no matches takes the remaining cards.

6e. Eliminated players can not participate further in picking matches, but can win if they despite that mistake have the most matches.

7. Whoever has the most cards wins. In case there is a tie for first and someone else is not in first, take the non first-place players' cards and distribute them on the table after being shuffled. Whichever of the first place players takes the most of these cards is the winner, following all rules above.

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