Play A free card game of Spite and Malice with a 3 dimensional card deck. Just Plain a three variable version of Spite and Malice. This is Triple Topper.Click here or scroll down to read more info or click on a link below.


Welcome, to Triple Topper!

Rules to Just Plain Spite

Updated August 18, 2016

Set up:

1. Use the entire deck except for the Jokers, and get 2-6 players together.

2. Deal one at a time, face down, a total of 60 cards to be separated into one scoring pile per player. 2 players get 30 cards each, 3 get 20, 4 get 15, 5 get 12, and 6 get 10.

3. Turn over 2 cards in the center. If there are any blacks, blobs, and question marks, the dealer declares what variables they will be after he looks at his cards.

4. The rest of the cards from a draw pile.

5. Each person turns up the top card of the scoring pile.

Game Play

1. Each person has a hand. Bring your hand up to 5 by drawing cards from the Draw pile.

2. There are 4 objectives. Here are the 4 ways to accomplish them. Matches in all cases must match in 2 variables or more. Blacks blobs and question marks are wild. In most cases, wild match whoever they top and cannot be called. If there is a possibility that all 3 variable could match, and there is at least one wild on the card you lay, then you MAY change ONE of the wild variables to a natural variable you can use. You can and are encouraged to play more than one card in a turn.

2 a. The main objective is to deplete your scoring pile. If you can match two variables (or even three) to one of the two top center cards, it is suggested you lay it, because that is the main object of the game. It determines who wins.

2 b. The secondary objective is to defend against opponents. If you match all 3 variables, you force one opponent to draw 2 cards, not looked at, and place then on the bottom of the scoring pile. You MUST declare the wilds to be exactly the same to play defense.

2 c. The 3rd most important objective is to get rid of all 5 cards in your hand. If the 5th card is played to the center, draw 5 more cards from the center and continue to play if you can.

2 d. Whenever you either run out of moves or chose not to move, place a card next to your scoring pile. This new pile is called a garbage pile There can only be a maximum of 2 garbage piles. You can, and in some cases, must play a card on top of another garbage pile card. You may look through them to plan away to get rid of it. At any time on your turn, you can play a TOPMOST garbage card like it was from your hand. If it exposes completely another card, play it when possible and desired, and so forth.

3. When you place a card on the garbage pile, you end your turn. Play passes to the left.

4. If the drawpile runs out, take the top cards of the center piles, place them aside, and shuffle the rest. The two cards go back to the center. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT THE WILDS ARE.

5. The one who depletes the scoring pile first wins.