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Rules to Bruise Jack

Updated August 18, 2016

There are 2 versions, one based on the computer program, called way 1, and a newer version with slightly different rules, called Way 2. If a way is not specified, the rule applies to both ways.

Set up: Use a full deck without the Jokers. Way 1 uses the variable cards, labeled "Number", "Color", and "suit", are separated and mixed in their own 3-card pile. This is in a standard deck.

PLayers: 2 to 6 players on a physical version,

NOTE: THIS VERSION IS NOT MEANT FOR CASINO PLAY, where the house plays automatically without any willful decision, plays all at the end, and has a built in advantage of double-bust ties going to the dealer. This is a version where it's more equal, and there is no house.

1. One card is dealt face down to each player, then each player gets 3 cards face up, one behind (away from you) the down card, one to its right, and one in front of it (towards you).

2. The object is to get a total of 11 points in each of the three ways: In the physical version it might be handier to arrange them in the order of appearance on the lower left corner, colors away, numbers to right, suits below.

3. Black, blob, & question mark can either be 6 or 1, while the rest is the relative value for the card as shown below:

1, circle, red 2

2, heart , yellow 3

3, triangle, green 4

4, square, blue 5

(all of these are one more than its Poke'm value. You can think of it as it's Pokem value with black, blob, and question mark being 0 or 5, plus one point for the card itself.)

4a. If playing Way 1, if a person has one or more combined 6-and-5's, called a Bruise Jack (called a Bruise jack because Black and Blue is that combination using colors.) , that person claims it & turns over the down card to show. And the variable where an Bruise Jack is made is noted, by discarding the upcard(s) associated with the Jack play continues because of tiebreakers. (explained later) Then the player gets a new down card, where he/she can score another Bruise Jack, where the process repeats. If all 3 are Bruise Jacks, that beats anyone without 3 Bruise Jacks.

4b. In way number 2, keep everything hidden until the end. You do not say you have a Bruise Jack. Your reward for a bruise jack is 16 points in that direction, which includes the 11 for an 11. But if you wish, you can disregard the Bruise jack if your strategy allows. You ONLY get the extra 5 points for a bruise jack if it's exactly 2 cards that add up to 11.

5. If a person likes his/her three totals, that person can end the turn or "stand". If a card is to be be taken, (called a "hit") (s)he must put the card in one of the three rows, depending which of the three value (s)he wants. Play passes to the left. The dealer includes him/herself in the rotation. In way # 1, becuase it's revealed at the beginning, if one had one or two Bruise Jacks, that same one can't put a card in the direction a Bruise Jack was scored. In way number 2, you could put a card on your Bruise Jack but that eliminates the Bruise Jack Bonus.

6. If a person didn't stand in this hand, that person may take another hit on that person's next turn. If a person busts, (goes over 11 in one direction) (s)he can continue to hit until 11 or more is shown on the up-cards with blacks blobs and question marks representing the low value of 0 plus the 1 for the card, (automatic bust at 11 because if 11 show, the center card autmatically brings it to a 12 at least, therefore a bust) at which point (s)he most stop using that row but can fill other rows.

7. A person can fake that he/she's still in when it's a bust and hope other people bust. Also in Way 2, a person can fake he has a Bruise Jack, and as soon as it is no longer functional to keep up the ruse, can place a card in that direction.

8a. Optional rule: If a person gets 5 cards in one direction and doesn't bust, that person has a 5-card Guile, (which is played just like a 5-card Charlie in Blackjack, a reference to Street Fighter Alpha and the fact that Charlie and Guile are very similar) in which case, in Way 1 that person is tied only with people who also get a 5-card Guile and loses to an Bruise Jack in that direction, and in every other case in that direction wins. In way 2, a Five card guile, if counted as a special hand is worth 11.

8b. If the 5 card Guile rule is NOT played, you can play as many cards as you want in one direction as long as you don't have a hard 11 or more showing in that direction (11 or more where blacks, blobs and question marks count as 1 a piece.)

9. Resolution; 9a. Way number 1: requires either a 6-sided die or 3 chit cards from additional decks:

9a1. After everyone stood or got 5-card Guiles and/or 5 card busts, draw the 3 variable chits randomly. Whoever has the highest score that way wins. If tied, draw a second random variable, and compare. If still tied, compare third way. If still tied, split pot or tiebreaker. Ranks from high to low:

Bruise Jack

5-card Guile

Plain 11-4 in descending order


9a2. You can either buy a Squares or West deck and include the 3 variable chit cards in the main deck, or you can roll a 6 sided die. First roll the first variable. 1 and 2 equals colors, 3 and 4 equals numbers, and 5 or 6 for suits. If there is a tie in that variable, if one or more person is tied for the lead going one way, and someone else/some other people is/are ahead going the other way, roll a 6 sider, 1-3 is the way closest to the center of the table that isn't used,( either colors, or if colors are the first variable, numbers) and 4-6 is the way closest to the players that is not being used (suits, or if suits was the first variable, numbers.). The remaining variable is the third direction.

9b. Way 2: Score 16 for a Bruise jack, 11 for a 5-Card Guile if playing with a special 5-Card Guile, everything else that isn't a bust is the highest possible number it can be without busting (busting meaning being over 11), and anything that can only be a bust scores 0. Highest combined score wins the hand. If one were gambling in this mode, everyone tosses in one chip in a pot which everyone plays, and the winner takes the pot, tiebreakers can be played out or pot can be split.