This is Poker in the 3rd Dimension. Triple Topper is a 3 dimensional (3 variable) card game. Pokem is 3D poker. It's a free card game. Play something similar to Texas Hold Em, Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud, or other Poker variations you fancy. Click here or scroll down to read more info or click on a link below. Note a third rule change plus rules for low and hi/lo games are included below. Updated August 24, 2007

Also there is a new simplified version, and a couple notes for regular card players, and an important executive decision, in regards to 4 of a kind being rarer than one of each. Please read the plus-sized text. Pokem rules updated February 26, 2011



Welcome, to Triple Topper!

hi/lo rules

Updated August 18, 2016

Low and Hi/LO Rules

1. In games where you compare all 3 variables all the time, whatever beats a hand in high, loses to it in low and vice versa. Note that you compare the highest combination first, just like high, so a four-of-a-kind, a pair, and a pair, would lose to a full house, a 3-of-a-kind, and 2 pair if competing for low. the best hand in Low games are 3 pairs in 3 different variables and all the rest single kickers.

2. In Low games without wilds, blacks, blobs, and question marks are worth 0, below red, circle, and 1. With wilds, they can be declared anything to help you get low, including a 0-value card. And they do not have to be declared the same thing among different cards. So 5 blacks can be called 2 blacks, a red, yellow, and green.

3. In all High/low games, you are either in both pots, or are in neither. All pot moneys are split evenly between high and low.

4. Hi/Lo games may be played with "Swingers" or "non-Swingers" for both high/low ranks and wilds.

4a. Non-Swingers hi/lo ranks mean Aces in a regular deck, or a Black, Blob, and Question mark in my Triple Topper deck, assuming they are not wild, must be either high or low, but not both. Swingers may be declared both. In Triple Topper they may be mixed so a black is 0 but a blob is 5.

4b. Swingers for wilds effect Jokers and other wild cards too in regular cards, or blacks, blobs, and question marks in a Triple Topper deck. If playing with Swingers, a wild card may represent a different card in both the high and low hands. With non-swingers, If a card is to be used in both high and low hands, it must represent the same card. Note 2 Jokers in a regular card deck can be each used, one in high and one in low for example. or one in high, or one in both.

5. If both high/low and wild responsibility are used, high jackpot is paid out first, then low.

6. Note if playing with Wild responsibility, you may chose not to use certain wilds in hopes of getting a higher payout ratio. You must either declare your hand in private by writing on a piece of paper of a carbon sheet, or online tell the computer what cards you'll use and what the wilds will represent.

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