This is Poker in the 3rd Dimension. Triple Topper is a 3 dimensional (3 variable) card game. Pokem is 3D poker. It's a free card game. Play something similar to Texas Hold Em, Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud, or other Poker variations you fancy. Click here or scroll down to read more info or click on a link below. Note a third rule change plus rules for low and hi/lo games are included below. Updated August 24, 2007

Also there is a new simplified version, and a couple notes for regular card players, and an important executive decision, in regards to 4 of a kind being rarer than one of each. Please read the plus-sized text. Pokem rules updated February 26, 2011



Welcome, to Triple Topper!

Wild Rules to Pokem,

Updated August 18, 2016


1. Blacks, Blobs, and question marks are wild, but unless you have the black-blob-?, wilds are only partially wild. (A Red Blob 3 is wild only in suit.)

2. In order to have a one-of-each, one of the wilds must be designated as a natural black, blob, or question mark. Therefore all one-of-eaches must have at least one black, blob, or question mark plus one of each of the others. Unless you're playing Pokem 1, you still need 5 cards regardless of whether you're playing with or without wilds.

3. If you have 5 wilds in one, it's the highest rank you can get in one variable, but as a strategy, you might not want that if a different card gives you a double or triple perfect.

4. OPTIONAL WILD RESPONSIBILITY WILD RULES: These rules make payouts bigger if you use less wilds, and have you risk more if use more. If you have a calculator on hand, or playing it online if things go our way, If you win, you win your chips back, plus chips from each opponent in the following ratios:

a. Compare the winner'™s number of wild elements to the loser'€™s find the difference between them, call this number x.

b. The fraction is either (3+x)/3 or 3/(3+x), depending on your perspective.

c. If the winner has less wilds than the loser, then the winner collects (3+x) from the loser for every 3 chips wagered by the loser, so the loser must add an extra x for each 3 chips wagered, and loses those to the winner, or all his chips if less. d. If the winner has more wilds than the loser, he must contribute x extra chips for every 3 chips contributed to the pot until he either covers the extra, in which case he takes the wagered amount form the opponent, or until he runs out of chips, where the loser takes back enough chips until the ratio is right. The loser keeps the rest of the chips in the pot for a side pot winner. If the loser is the only one left, he keeps the remainder.

e.An individual Black, blob or question mark actually being used in your combination actually counts, regardless of what they are declared, except in these 2 cases: A) ONE wild element per variable used in a one or more sets or one of each is not counted, since it's not representing a different value. Or B) If 5 Wilds of the same type is used, NONE of them count against your payout ratio, since it's a natural 5 of a kind and are not representing anything else.

5. Also if it's in one of the extra cards not being used in combinations, it doesn't count. Therefore, everyone must declare in secrecy which 5 cards they will use, and what the wilds will represent. Therefore, if you're playing by this rule without a computer, pieces of paper and pens will be necessary. Also if you'€™re playing high/low with no swingers, even without wilds, you need to declare your combination.

Important info for regular card players.

Note that this same rule can be used for Jokers Wild or Deuces wild, (or any other regular card wild or multiple ranks wild) Regular Poker where the number is changed from 3 + Wilds (in Triple Topper) to 1 + Wilds. (in regular cards) Notice wilds are more powerful because wilds call number and suit, and numbers of possible cards that fit the hand are less and a smaller percentage of the deck, so therefore there's less payout for more wilds you have especially compared to Triple Topper wilds. And there is a bigger payout if your opponent uses wilds and loses.